You like...

unique watches, unusual watches, cool watches and
even funky watches.
Now i-toc combines all of these features to create a stylish
and practical watch that reflects your style and individuality.
...we call it a time revolution.
black i-toc watch
silver i-toc watch
blue i-toc watch
purple i-toc watch
red i-toc watch
orange i-toc watch
white i-toc watch
Created by UK designer Sean Zoega
these exclusive watches are only
produced in limited editions.

Choose from six funky and stylish
colours to fit your style or mood.

The i-toc’s graduated circles present
a more intuitive and beautiful way to
view time, and the distinctive visual
pattern is constantly changing.

The radical design does not however
sacrifice simplicity,the familiar
"big-hand, small-hand" is still
there...just visually more interesting.
Already worn by a number of
renowned artists, the i-toc range
will let the world know that your
wrist has got the funk
(whichever colour you choose).

- worn by both men and women,
i-toc are truly unisex watches.

Enjoying critical acclaim since our
debut in 2008 i-toc are now proud
to introduce the new colour range.

Only available in select stores
worldwide and directly from the
designers website.
a brief history of i-toc
“Art, Design, Music, Science, Love and Passion…this is all the same thing, this is the stuff of life. The desire to understand and create is the real meaning of life.” This has been the life journey of Sean Zoega, creator of the i-toc.
The genesis of the unusual watch that is i-toc happened 15 years ago on a beach in Malawi as a simple sketch...
As with most ideas it stayed in the notebook for a number of years. Fashion watches were far from the mind of its designer as he worked in corporate design in London.
Like all good ideas it kept “nagging away” and in 2002 Sean Zoega started on the first incarnation of his unique watch
exploded cad pic-toc
After many prototypes a working model was built (even though a prof. of mechanics at Manchester University said it was to the tinkerers!). Unfortunately turning this funky clock into a funky watch was beyond the resources of the designer. He then went soft...
This was originally called the Z-clock And started life as a computer model. The working concepts were clarified before starting the real prototypes of his designer watches..
real pic-toc
real pic-toc
The software version of the z-clock was created along with a name change...pic-toc. This was designed to work as a range of unique watches for the new range of mobile phones with colour screens.

Unfortunately all of the money had been spent on software And web development and there was nothing left for marketing...

...not clever in the world of designer watches. Whoops!

The software pic-toc wasn’t a success and Sean Zoega Went back to the drawing board and tried to learn from his mistakes...time to invent a new unusual watch
real pic-toc
Inspiration came from the 1940’s in the shape of the Jefferson clock and 1990’s with the early Swatches...both remarkable and unusual watches
“Design is about exploration, understanding. It is not philosophizing in French accents and making useless is hard is about creating better. That involves learning about materials, acoustics, electronics, colour, texture, philosophy, people…even sometimes software programming, whatever is required to understand the reality of the problem, only this allows the possibility to create better. Design must always remember function otherwise it becomes art or sculpture. It may become beautiful art or sculpture but if the function is lost, forgotten or neglected the design has failed.”
Sean Zoega
The unique watches originally designed by Patek Phillippe in the late 1800’s were master- pieces of design and the “boilerplate” for all watches since…this was a hard act to follow. Sean burnt the midnight oil and worked through hundreds of designs before settling on the i-toc...time for a computer model
i-toc clock CGI
This had the makings of a funky watch, time to get real...
...more prototypes
i-toc clock prototoype
The i-toc clock proved that the i-toc could be an unusual and funky watch....though still be easy to read (not always the case with designer watches)

It was time to develop the unique watch that is i-toc…
i-toc technical drawing
Then followed a long period of manufacturing development that finally culminated in 2008 with the original silver i-toc watch

fashion watches had a new contender.
the first i-toc
There was obviously a demand for unique watches as the i-toc was a hit for Christmas 2008

However there were so many requests for i-tocs in different colours that it was time to do a bit more development work

...this time in colour
colour i-toc samples
...ready as a new range of funky colourful fashion watches for christmas 2009
What's New?

white i-toc watch
The “White ” i-toc
available now
limited to 200 watches